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Recent MVC Activities

 George Wallace, President of the Mount Vernon Chapter of MOAA presents William French, VADM, USN, (Ret.), President | CEO, Armed Services YMCA with a token of appreciation for being the guest speaker at the monthly meeting, Wednesday, Feb. 15, near Fort Belvoir, Va.
French's presentation was intented to create awareness of the ASYMCA's mission and to provide insight into the programs provided across the country to our military family. Programs like Teddy's Child Watch, Operation Ride Home, and Operation Hero were highlighted to the mostly retired military audience.

Storming The Hill - 2017
We have some wonderful folks in our Chapter who take time and effort to go talk to our delegates and talk to them abou what is important for us.  How can they know unless we talk to them??  Well, Rex Maddox, Bob Patrick, Mike Broderick, and Stu Williams made that effort for us.  We appreciate their efforts on our behalf.
Tell them "THANK YOU" the next time you see them.  

Regrettably, technical difficulties prevented posting pictures of Cdr Rex Maddox meeting with Delegate Mark Levine - but he was there!!

COL Bob Patrick and Col Mike Broderick meet with Delegate Rich Anderson

CDR Rex Maddox meets with Delegate Paul Krizek

COL Bob Patrick and Col Mike Broderick meet with
Delegate Dave Albo

January Dinner: Captain Jeff Currer, Director of Patriots for Disabled Divers - Speaker
Excellent talk on the healing effects of Jeff's program helping Wounded Warriors recover.

               Patriots for Disabled Divers
Patriots for Disabled Divers (PFDD) is dedicated to bringing the joy and therapeutic benefits of scuba diving to people with disabilities worldwide.  Inspired by their personal experience as a military family and by the success achieved by some of their more physically challenged customers, the desire to share the healing experience of scuba was born.

Mount Vernon Chapter was Recognized for Supporting Wreaths Across America.  We also received a monitary gift for our efforts

Holiday Dinner Highlights (December 2016)
MVC President, CDR Rex Maddox dances with his lovely grandaughter, Jenifer George
Rex Maddox daughters, (l-r) Christi, Kimberly, and Leigh

Swearing in of 2017 Mount Vernon Chapter Officers

From r-l:  CDR (R) George Wallace, President; Lt Col (R) Earl Henderson, 1st VP; MAJ (R) Peter Chen, Secretary; Col (R) Mike Broderick, Treasurer; CDR (R) Rex Maddox, Past President; COL Bob Patrick Board of Directors (BOD); and LTC (R) Cerie Kimball, BOD; missing: COL (R) Jim Isitt, BOD
Swearing in Official: COL Jesus "Jess" Ramirez.

***MVC Awarded 5-Star Award for Excellence***
LT Cohen, CDR Maddox, CDR Wallace, and LTC Henderson add another 5-star award to our standard

Recognition of Officers and Committee Leads
Give them a HAND for their hard work
Ceri Kimball (Program Speakers and BOD)                Bob Patrick (VCOC)                     

Earl Henderson (Membership)                Mark Cohen  (Treasurer)
2016 Veterans Day National Cemetery
Veterans’ organizations were allowed to participate in the Veterans’ Day Parade of Colors during the ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery.  MVC has had the honor and privilege to lay MOAA's wreath each year.

 Mount Vernon Chapter president, Rex Maddox and MVC member Diana Kupchella at the 2016 Veteran's Day National Cemetery ceremony. Army Chaplain LTC Juan Crockett ( Member-- MOAA Board of Directors) and his wife.
Col Kupchella is also member/president of Northern Virginia Chapter that meets at Ft. Myer.

MOAA CEO and President and MVC member, Dana Atkins (LtGen Ret) in discussion with Rex Maddox at the 2016 Veteran's Day National Cemetery ceremony.
MOAA Mount Vernon Chapter
 Gettysburg Staff Ride
Tour Guide: COL (R) Charles Bowery
Director, Center of Military History (USA)
 Saturday, October 29th, 2016
500th Honor Flight
Mount Vernon Chapter MOAA Members
Greet 200 WWII and other Veterans

Wreaths Across America

Saturday, December 17th at noon
The Mount Vernon Chapter, MOAA is participating in the Wreaths Across America Project, the national effort that remembers and honors our veterans and educates all generations about their sacrifice. We are supporting them with the purchase of wreaths in the coming months and their placement at Alexandria National Cemetery on December 17, 2016. Mount Vernon Chapter also uses this as a fundraising effort that helps service members and their families on Fort Belvoir.
Click here to learn more about Wreaths Across America and to order wreaths.
Please follow these steps to ensure MVC MOAA gets credit.
1.    Click on Donate
2.    On the menu on the right click on Sponsor a Wreath with a Local Fundraising Group
3.    On the Search Page type in Mount Vernon Chapter, Military Officers Association of America or VA0020P. You must do this to ensure the chapter gets credit for wreaths purchased by our members.
4.    Next follow the instructions for the number of wreaths you want to purchase and payment. (For every wreath purchased, we will earn $5 that will go to support service members and their families.)

If you need any additional information, contact Bob Patrick, MVC Wreaths Across America representative, at or call at (703)964-6022
Chapter Scholarship Fund Campaign Continues!
The Mount Vernon Chapter Scholarship Program is now in its second decade. Since its inception, we have awarded money for college to dozens of aspiring military officers who have shown outstanding performance in the JROTC programs at their high schools. Individual contributions from chapter members and friends is the only way to keep the system afloat so we’ve taken the opportunity here to recognize some donors who have contributed during 2016 and to thank them again for their generosity. Naturally, we welcome gifts from members and friends throughout the year, so please consider making a gift as the autumn approaches. A check in any amount payable to MOAA Mount Vernon Chapter Scholarship Fund is always received gratefully.

If you contributed but don’t see your name to the right, please don’t be alarmed. Your contribution submitted with your dues may have been processed in 2015. If you did contribute in 2015-2016, but have not received a letter acknowledging your gift, please contact Scholarship Chairman Marty Schaller who will prepare one for you. His email address is <>.
MVC Scholarships Donors
Mary A. Kelly                          John J. Leffler                     Duane A. Lempke                            Rex Maddox
Richard J. McManus             Elizabeth Mueller               James Mullin                                     Max Noah
Thomas & Alice O’Connor    Stanley J. Parmentier       Robert & Valerie Patrick                Arnie Porter
John E. Prevar                       Charles Raynolds                Gregory T. Rehe                             David Retherford
Margaret Roberts                 Michael D. Rochelle            Jack J. Samar                                 Nicholas Sottler
Stuart & Janette Williams   Gianna Yurko
Author George Wallace Supports NMCRS
George Wallace, Mount Vernon Chapter member, and friend Rick Campbell held a book signing on 28 June 2016 at the Navy Museum to help raise funds for the Navy Marine Corps Relief Society. All proceeds went to the NMCRS.  George said, “We sold quite a few books between us.  Don’t have the final accounting from the Navy Museum yet, but I estimate we made something between $1500-$2000.”

Battle of 2nd Manassas
Battle Staff Ride

COL Charles Bowery gave members of the Mt Vernon Chapter of MOAA a first-class tour and presentation of strategic, operational, and tactical aspects of the Battle of 2nd Manassas.  All who attended said "It was Great!"
MV Chapter President, Rex Maddox, Joan Stewart, Jim Isitt, and Joyce Davis Welcome 90 Honor Flight Veterans
from Madison, WI

Delegate Rich Anderson speaks at Mount Vernon Chapter of MOAA.  Chapter President, Rex Maddox, presents GW Eagle cuff links to Delegate Anderson.  

Dedicated to General George Washingtion
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